Reproduction services at DMV-South!

Reproduction specialist Dr Angelica Stock offers assisted reproduction services for small animals at DMV-South, in St. Hubert. Appointements are made in the evenings and during the weekend.

Dr Stock is the only certified reproduction specialist for small animals working at the DMV Centres. She practices theriogenology since 1984. She uses advanced technologies for assisted reproduction and endocrinology. She offers her expertise to breeders of dogs and cats as well as to generalist vets.

Since her move to Quebec in 1999, she has opened her fertility center for dogs, which includes one of the largest canine semen banks (CSBoCH-M: Canine Semen bank of Chambly-Montreal) din Eastern Canada. Dr. Stock offers reproduction consultation for the breeding of small animals at DMV-South, in St. Hubert (dogs and cats), where she welcomes her patients seven days a week by appointment. She is also working with Dr. Réjean Lefebvre from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, a veterinarian specializing in cattle theriogenology.

Services offered at DMV-South :

  • Infertility monitoring – male and female
  • Genetic testing for pure breeds diseases
  • Inseminations (vaginal, endoscopic and surgical)
  • Import and export of canine semen (chilled or frozen)
  • Freezing, bank and canine semen storage (CSBoChM)
  • Monitoring of pregnancy and parturition (i.e. ultrasonography, radiography, elective caesarean section)

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