Euthanasia at home

Medical euthanasia offered in your home to ease this troubling time

For your pet, euthanasia represents a loving gesture to put an end to a medical condition that is no longer acceptable for their quality of life. In order to determine the appropriate moment, Dr. Pierre Lassonde can help you.  He is available to answer your questions and accompany you on your personal journey.

Surrounded by your love, you will cherish those last moments of life with your pet. Creating a serene memory thanks to your heartfelt decision.

You will offer your companion a caring environment in the comfort of their own home surrounded by you, your family and friends. You will share this unique and privileged moment for a peaceful departure with dignity, respect and compassion.

Service d'euthanasie à domicile

On-call service available at the DMV Veterinary Centers –

(514) 241-2642

Dr. Lassonde can also accompany you to any one of the three DMV Veterinary Centres. You may choose this option if you wish to share the last moments of life with your companion in an environment that is less familiar than your home or for any unforeseen circumstances.

Which ever decision you make, Dr. Lassonde will be there for you. Empathetic and non-judgmental, he will accompany you during these precious moments.

Here is a report from our clients that appeared in the Journal 24h.  .  Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or for more information.  Dr Lassonde is also partnered with the K911 Ambulance service. If you need transportation for your deceased pet, do not hesitate to contact them.

Residential service,
Dr Pierre Lassonde, DMV, service vétérinaire

Member of the DMV team im special services – home euthanasia service

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