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To help you go through that difficult time

It is not uncommon to share many years with our pets. If you just lost one who was dear to your heart, we understand your sorrow, as your animal companion was a source of affection and of undonditional love, a reassuring presence. Therefore, to feel pain is justifed and normal.

Losing a beloved companion or even thinking that it will happen stirs up strong emotions. Is it normal:

  • To feel so much sorrow for an animal?
  • To be disturbed so much that my days are disorganized?
  • That I need to talk about it without being judged?
  • That the death of my animal creates unsolved emotions or situations?

If you answered YES to one or more of those questions, we can help you manage the sorrow of losing your pet with serenity through preparation. France Carlos, graduate therapist in helping relationship since 1997 and author of the book “Deuil animalier” (in French), offers private consultations in preparation fo the end of life or further to the death of your pet.

Grief Support Service specialist at the DMV Veterinary Center:

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